Must-Try Hydrangea Varieties

Hydrangeas are perfect for every level of gardener. We show you top new varieties, including oakleaf hydrangea, blue hydrangea, white hydrangea, and other varieties that produce outstanding hydrangea flowers.

Hydrangeas have been the focus of some of the most innovative breeding efforts. Growers are introducing new types that are hardier, easier to grow, and more floriferous than ever. Gatsby's Star hydrangea is a new oak leaf type that produces lacy cresses of double white star-shaped flowers in a dramatic fall finale. Gatsby's Star can withstand a mixed bag of weather conditions. And it's also disease and insect resistant. BloomStruck is the newest member of the endless summer line of reblooming hydrangeas. This amazing plant produces large pink, violet, or blue flowers throughout the summer. Let's Dance Diva is a reblooming lace cap hydrangea that produces giant pale blue to soft pink flowers. It's a vigorous, compact shrub that does equally well in either the landscape or in containers. Bobo is a delightful dwarf hydrangea with large, white summer flowers on strong, upright stems. This early blooming variety won the Gold Floral Award for best novelty plant and is an asset to any small garden. With such an eclectic mix to choose from, even a novice gardener can find a hydrangea to plant and enjoy.