The Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Hanging flower baskets are a front porch staple. Put a fresh twist on yours with new varieties of flowers for hanging baskets that are sure to boost your curb appeal and make your hanging baskets pop.

One of the most exciting trends in flower breeding this year is the development of new trailing varieties, giving gardeners wonderful options for hanging baskets. To start, consider Torenia Summer Wave. The star quality behind this plant, is that it blooms more throughout the season than other Torenia varieties. You'll love the Million Kisses Begonias, including yellow, orange, and pink versions. These very vigorous growers go all summer and never stop blooming. Trailing Pansies have emerged in the last few years as a staple for cool season baskets. Don't forget about Petunias and Calibrachoa. These tried and true choices continue to be among the most popular trailers [MUSIC] Thanks to the many new colors that breeders are creating. Like this Superbell Spicy Calibrachoa and this Supertunia Flamingo Pink. Whether alone in a basket or as part of a combination planting, these trailers are sure to please you throughout the season.