Three Ways to Use Bright Colors in Your Bedroom

Don't be afraid to bring bright colors into your bedroom. Explore these bright bedroom color schemes and see how to get the look in your room.

Looking to build character in your bedroom? We've got three secrets to help you get started. First, try a signature bright like yellow. This color is best paired with a crisp white. So, use a fabric white as a white pattern. Then, do the reverse, and add a small scale pattern of yellow on a white background, an accent color of pink, tie the color scheme together. Don't be afraid to play with intensity, from light to dark hues. For the walls, choose a color similar to your main one, but several shades lighter. This lets your brights shine. If you're looking to make an energizing splash, try a monochromatic approach. Apply brights to large areas like the walls and bedding. Keep the colors similar so they don't compete with each other. Play with intensity in the rest of the room like here, and here. Remember to keep patterns to a minimum, and throw in a neutral or two so your bright retreat is still serene. Looking for something that's earthy but bright? Start with a foundation of whites then add a pattern that mixes a neutral color with a bright one, or in white. To complete the look, paint the walls a color that matches your accent color. Keep it pale with no yellow or brown undertones so it doesn't compete with the pattern. Whether you go bright, white, or monochromatic, adding color will give your bedroom that boost of personality. [MUSIC]