to Use Fabric to Pick a Color Scheme

How to Use Fabric to Pick a Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme is easy when you use a fabric for inspiration. It's a trick designers employ all the time and you can too with these tips.

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When you start with fabric as a foundation, playing with color has never been so easy. Start with a simple fabric, that only has a few colors, like this coral sky blue, and linen white headboard. Use the dominant color in the pattern as a solid elsewhere. Don't be afraid to use variations of the fabric's colors. Here, the sky blue is reinterpreted as indigo, on the bedding and curtains. And don't forget to reference the original color, like here. For a no fail wall color, go with one that's a shade or two darker than the background of your fabric. Feeling a little more bold? Start with a fabric that has a few more colors. Accent colors don't need to be dominant in the pattern. Hints of orange and pink in the fabric, become even more noticeable when the color is used elsewhere. Pull out one additional color from the pattern. Here, blue colors the bench and wall. Repeat the background color from the fabric to complete the look. Feeling adventurous? Use a fabric to inspire both the color scheme, and additional patterns. Start with your statement fabric like this modern floral print. If your first fabric is busy, choose a simple pattern for the second one. Like a large scale stripe in one or two colors that match the original fabric. Pick another color from the first fabric, and apply it to a third pattern, but in a smaller dose. Then layer in the solids. For an extra colorful look, pull up several different colors from your first fabric. Using fabric is a fool-proof way to create a successful color scheme. [MUSIC]