That Go With Green

Colors That Go With Green

You can't go wrong by decorating with colors found in nature, including the ever-popular green. Use these tips to help you put together a color scheme starring earthy greens.

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Green is nature's favorite color, here's how to bring it indoors. Start by applying a medium green to your walls, then use variation of the color in places like here and here. Other hues found in the great outdoors play well with green, and soil brown here. Enhance green's natural side. If you want to go bold, start with a strong apple green in multiple places. Then add in orange red accessories, which will perk up the monochromatic scheme. Go with a yellow based, white wall color, to draw out the yellow and the greens in the scheme. Another combination that can't go wrong is green, yellow and blue. Start with a lighter look on the walls, use a pale, almost yellow color. Next, go green on upholstery for a smaller, yet impeccable statement. Incorporate a fabric that ties your scheme together. Then pull out colors from the fabric to use as accents, here and here. With so many variations to play with, you can't go wrong with the green color scheme.