Ways to Decorate with Cozy Colors

Three Ways to Decorate with Cozy Colors

Warm up a cold room by decorating with cozy colors. See how these three color schemes make a dull room inviting and how you can do the same in your decor.

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[MUSIC] Cozy colors provide the warmest welcome into any room. You can create this comfort three different ways. First, try painting your walls an inviting color, such as this orange honey hue. To balance out the walls, use yellow and brown-based neutrals for your sofa and window treatments. Then, reintroduce the wall color, but in a more saturated tone. On accent furniture, for an accent, use a more defined color so your room doesn't feel washed out. Red here, and here, do the trick. If you're not sold on a wall color, keep them neutral. With a hue like tope. Let your sofa be the standout by choosing a rich color such as pumpkin. Then incorporate a color that falls somewhere between the wall and the sofa. Here yellow drapes and chairs pick up on the yellow hints in the paint color while keeping with the earthy look of the orange sofa. Ready for an unexpected twist, go purple for an accent, it cools down warm colors but because it's rich it's still comfy. Of course, cozy doesn't mean just warm colors. Try grey for a look that's more subtle and serene. We applied it here and here. A pale creme on the walls lets the greys be the stars. Draw out the subtle wall color by using a stronger variation on accent furniture. Unite the color palette by using a pattern that contains all of the hues in the room. No matter what way you choose to go cozy, these tips will create an inviting vibe in any room of your house. [MUSIC]