Up Your Rooms with Yellow

Perk Up Your Rooms with Yellow

If your rooms are looking a little drab, give yellow a go! Here's how to perk up a room with shades of yellow and brighten up your decor.

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[MUSIC] Does your neutral room look like this? If so, let's play with the color. Try a palette of yellow, green, and blue. For the sunniest look, let yellow be the star. Repeat the same shade throughout the space, like here, here, and here. Blue will sooth the sunny yellow, so add a touch of it in a place with moderate impact, like pillows. Since green is a mix of blue and yellow, it's a perfect visual bridge in this trio, as seen in this pattern. Use neutrals that are warm. Think sand, rather than steel. Here, warm neutral wall paint and headboard create a low contrast look with yellow. To really let it shine. Looking for something a little more daring but still sunny and 75? Commit to yellow walls. For an accent, use a strong cool color. We chose teal for here, here, and here. Finally, to balance the yellow walls and bedding, select neutrals for draperies and upholstery. Lean, cool and crisp so the teal feels more at ease. If you're looking for something more mellow, try yellow as an accent. Start with a foundation leafy green that's been dialed back to be a softer hue. Use it here and here. Now turn on the brights with bold yellow on bedding and pillows. Time to add impact with a signature fabric that has your room's main hues. Plus a new accent color. Here a fun fabric on the head board gave permission to give a wild touch of fuchsia. Keep the look reigned in with soft whites, in draperies, bedskirt, lamps and accessories, follow these tips for decorating in yellow to give your room a fresh [MUSIC] Fun personality.