Rooms Work Together

Make Rooms Work Together

It's a common set up: dining rooms that open up into living rooms, and with it comes a decorating challenge. Here's how to make the spaces look distinct, but work harmoniously together.

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[MUSIC] If your dining room opens up to your living room, here are three secrets to decorate the two spaces so they share a theme but don't look too perfectly matched. First, paint the walls and trim the same color in both rooms. This creates a consistent background that subtly unifies the two spaces. Next, let one element set the color pattern for both spaces. Here it's the rug in the living room. With stripes of terracotta, orange, brown, gray, cream, and leafy green hues. Carry those colors through the rooms but use them in different ways. The terracotta ottomans in the living room relate to the large floral wall art in the dining room. The gray denim sofa translates into the black picture frame in the dining room. Deep brown from the woven chairs ties to the deep espresso brown dining table. White trim work prominent in the bay window becomes white dining chairs and white dishware. Yellow-green pillows and throws in the living room tied to green pillows that soften the dining chair backs. Finally, unified textures and shapes. A wood stump side table in the living room has a similar texture to the pine dining hutch. A gourd shaped lamp base in the living room resembles the teardrop pendant hanging over the dining table. The finishings don't match, but that's okay. Their shapes speak to each other and to this home's casual beachy vibe. With these style secrets, your rooms will flow from one to the other, but still be unique. [MUSIC]