Easy Glowing Copper Candleholder

The easiest table topper, these glowing copper hurricane holders come together in a snap. Plus: See our secret for adhering the copper!

Copper Tape Hurricane. Here's what you'll need: glass hurricane, self-adhesive copper tape in 1/4-and 3/4 inch widths (available at stewmac.com), scissors, and painted round wooden artist's panel. Cut five pieces of wide copper tape the same length as the hurricane. Remove the backing. Place a piece of tape down the side. Press and smooth. Continue applying tape vertically around the glass. Make sure the lines are evenly spaced. Wrap 1/4-inch tape horizontally around the center. Add another line 3 inches below the first. And again 3 inches above the first. Trim the top and bottom with 1/4-inch tape. Place the hurricane in the painted panel. Add a candle and enjoy.