Woven Copper Serving Tray

DIY Woven Copper Serving Tray

Serve up party-perfect treats on our showstopping copper tray. You won't believe quickly it comes together!

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Woven Copper Tray. Here's what you'll need: 12 by 12-inch wooden art panel primed and spray painted, 8 feet of 2-inch copper strapping available at, double-sided tape, 220-grit sanding block, work gloves, tin snips, transparent ruler, and dry eraser marker. Measure and cut the copper strapping. You'll need four 12-inch pieces and four 11-inch pieces. Sand the cut edges. Use the ruler to bend the copper up at 1 inch from the edge. Do this on all four 12-inch pieces. Lay out 12-inch pieces in a square. Fold and press edges together. Repeat at each corner. Thread an 11-inch strip of copper onto the square. Secure with tape. Repeat with a second strip. Fold down flaps to secure. Thread two more 11-inch pieces on to the square. Secure with tape. Fold and press flaps to the back. Insert copper square into tray.