Budget-Friendly Window Treatments

Turn off-the-rack window sheers into custom creations. This budget-friendly method will bring an extra dose of style to your windows - no sewing required.

The key to polished window treatments are curtains that go to the floor. But if off-the-rack curtains are too short, you can easily lengthen them with a fabric remnant. And the best part is, no stitching required. You'll need: sheer curtain panel, fabric remnant, trim for finishing, tape measure, pencil, no sew adhesive strips or roll, iron, fabric scissors, hot glue gun and sticks. First, hang the sheer and measure from the bottom of the panel to the floor. Figure out how much length you need to add. Then, lay out the panel and measure the width, adding an inch for seam allowance. Cut the remnant fabric to size for both the width and length. Next, fuse the remnant and curtain. Cut a piece of adhesive strip to the width of the curtain. Iron the strip down onto the front of the curtain, moving the iron firmly and slowly across the strip. Once the strip has dried, which only takes a few seconds, peel the paper backing off to reveal the sticky side. Place the front sides together, leaving an inch on either side of the remnant. Fuse the remnant and curtain along the curtain's bottom edge. [MUSIC] Next, hem the edges. Again, attach the adhesive strip using the same method. Fold over the remnant and iron to create the edge hems. For extra polish attach a piece of trim to the front using hot glue. Leave a little extra trim at the ends so you can fold it around the back for a finished edge. [MUSIC]. With this easy no-sew technique, you can get custom window treatments without the cost or hassle. [BLANK_AUDIO]