to Paint Striped Curtains

How to Paint Striped Curtains

Give plain curtains a bit of personality with this easy painted stripe technique.

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Create custom window treatments with an easy striped paint technique. Start with a solid lined curtain panel, which works best for painting. You'll need thick yellow painters tape, tape measure, pencil, spray bottle for water, paint brush, chalk paint. Lay the curtain panel on a flat, smooth surface, like the floor. Remember to protect it with a drop cloth. Measure out stripe widths. Ours are seven inches wide. Apply strips of painters tape across the width of the panel. Smooth out the fabric as you tape, so the fabric doesn't pucker. Your stripes will look uneven. That's because the tape will be inside the stripes you don't want painted, and on the outside edge of the stripes you do want painted. Working in sections, spray a stripe area you'll be painting with water to dampen slightly. This helps the paint glide on and soak in for better coverage. Then dip your brush into the paint and swirl onto the fabric. Here's a tip, for a clean line, paint away from the tape edge. Using wide painters tape helps prevent over painting. Repeat on the rest of the stripes. [BLANK_AUDIO] You may need a second coat of paint to make the colors smooth and uniform throughout. Once all the coats have dried, peel away the painters tape and hang your freshly striped curtains. [BLANK_AUDIO]