How to Stencil a Tray

Add pattern to a plain tray with this simple stencil technique. Our secrets to success will show you how to stencil like a DIY pro.

Use stenciling to turn an old metal tray into a pretty display. [MUSIC] You'll need a metal tray, primer, paint, brush, stencils spray, green painter's tape, stencil, stencil pouncer, acrylic paint, paper towels. First prime and paint the tray. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Locate the center of your item to determine the stencil placement. Place small pieces of tape on the edges of the stencil. And, spray lightly with adhesive. Then, position the stencil on the item and tape down. [MUSIC] Lightly dip the brush into the paint. Blot excess off onto a paper towel so the paint doesn't seep and bleed. Apply paint lightly, pouncing with the brush. Let dry and repeat for a second coat if necessary. [MUSIC] Peel off the stencil to reveal the painted pattern. Stencil on more designs if you wish. We carry the design up the side of our tray. [MUSIC] Coat with clear polyurethane for durability. And then, put it on display. [MUSIC]