Wall Art from Jewelry

DIY Wall Art from Jewelry

Create your own art canvas and embellish it with vintage jewelry for a one-of-a-kind piece for your walls.

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Jewelry Art. You'll need: 4 canvas frames, needle and thread, brooches of vintage jewelry., solid-color fabric, (heavier linen works est), scissors, white felt or quilt batting, staple fun and staples. Notch together frames. Cut fabric and felt to size. Leave 2 extra inches around frame. Staple the fabric around the frame. Working from side to side. Cut out a notch from each corner. Staple until fully wrapped. For a clean look pay attention to corners. Make final fold line straight and neat, like wrapping a gift. Push pin through fabric and close. Stitch on a fun embellishment. Create a pretty display with a gold of canvases.