Double-Cheddar Cheese Biscuits with Chef Scott Peacock

Delicate mixing is key to these cheese biscuits by chef Scott Peacock. Watch his technique and you, too, can serve the ultimate bread basket.

[MUSIC] Cheese biscuits. We're gonna start with the flour. We're using unbleached all-purpose flour. It's a good, strong, sturdy flour. And we're sifting it to lighten a bit. So now, we're gonna measure into the bowl five cups of flour. Scoop it up in there and level it off. Don't shake down in the cup. And now, homemade baking powder, which is two parts cream of tartar, one part baking soda. A tablespoon of kosher salt, a teaspoon of sugar, which will help bring out the flavor of the cheese just a little bit. And a judicious pinch of cayenne pepper. Which will help put a little sharp edge, too. Whisk that together. And we're using two kinds of cheeses. We're using orange for the color and we're gonna use a white, extra sharp cheddar for the sharpness. You could use all of one cheese, but I like blending the two, because the flavor's a little more complex. We're gonna add the cheese into the flour. So we're just rubbing the cheese, which is room temperature, into the flour. I'm gonna add in some butter, too, same way. So we're working the butter into the flour, rubbing it between our fingers which sort of flattens it out, and improves the texture of the biscuit. And you don't want it to be too fine. A few little lumps like this are flatten out. Those are good. So we're gonna add in two cups of heavy cream. This is a rich biscuit. And give it a stir to start to work in. And we're gonna add a little bit of buttermilk too, just to moisten it. Start with half a cup. So you really want this to just barely come together, to actually have to sort of press it together. And you see the dough is sort of lumpy and falling apart right now, it looks rather unpromising. We're gonna pull it together with our hands. [MUSIC] Clear the board so that anything that didn't, go in. Sprinkle down a little bit of fresh flour, not too much. You don't want powdery bottoms. Just enough to keep it from sticking. Flatten it out and use a bit of pressure, don't be afraid to roll down again. This is a rich sturdy dough, it can take it. So, we've got the dough rolled out pretty evenly and we're gonna dock it now with a fork all the way through, touch the board. This let's steam out and makes it cook more evenly. [SOUND] Stamp out the biscuits, no twisting, straight down, flip up. Twisting seals the sides and keeps the biscuits from rising as high as they might. Cut close together so you don't have lots of re-rolls. And place them fairly close, almost touching on the sheet pan. This biscuit dough is one that re-rolls fairly well. So, gather the scraps, just press them together. Don't work it any more than you need to. So the biscuits are now gonna bake in a 425 oven for ten to 12 minutes until they're a golden crusty brown. Great for breakfast, great for dinner, great for a snack; cheese biscuits. [MUSIC]