Corn Bread Dressing with Chef Scott Peacock

Corn bread dressing is a great American classic for Thanksgiving or any special celebration. Check out this traditional corn bread dressing recipe by Scott Peacock.

[MUSIC] We're making that great American classic holiday favorite, cornbread dressing. And we're using my favorite corn meal, which comes from my hometown Hartford, Alabama. It's Pollard's extra fine white cornmeal. So you have one and half cups of finely ground corn meal, and we're gonna put three quarters teaspoon of baking soda, and a teaspoon of kosher salt. We've got a cast iron skillet and we're gonna put about two tablespoons, two generous tablespoons of butter, and we're gonna set this in a 450 degree oven to preheat and melt the butter. Whisk these up [SOUND] just to break them up. And then I've got some buttermilk here. Whisk this in here. [MUSIC] This is one of those things, you're gonna whisk it till it's smooth. Now different grinds of cornmeal absorb different levels of buttermilk, so I always start with about two cups cuz I want a thin, satiny batter. It's much better to have it too thin than not thin enough. Otherwise, you get dry, crumbly cornbread. Now this is gonna make something that's really moist and custardy and light and almost like cake. Really delicious. Really sizzling hot skillet full of butter. I'm gonna pour this right into the batter. [MUSIC] All right. And then we'll put this right back in here. And see the skillet's good and hot, and the cornbread is already starting to cook the batter on the edges of the pan. That's a great sign. And we put this in a 450 oven and bake it for about 30 minutes or so. We'll check it, it's really crusty golden brown all over. So we're gonna cook up some onions and celery, which are going to give this dressing a delicious, delicious flavor. Now I like these little leaves, the inner leaves of celery. Not these larger, mature, sort of over, past their prime leaves. But these really young, tender ones, they add a small amount, this is really delicious. And adds great, great flavor. We're gonna cook these vegetables really slow in a goodly amount of butter, develop a lot of flavor. No coloring, just get them really, really tender and translucent and well seasoned. Sage is one of our flavorings for the dressing and I really like to dry mine off. So you take fresh sage from your garden or from the store, And just pick off the leaves and put these on a sheet pan and put them in a really low oven 150 degrees, 200 degrees for 30, 45 minutes, or an hour until they're dry. You're not trying to color them, just really get them good and dry, let them cool, and then when it comes time to use it, I'll just rub this between my hands. It has a delicious, delicious fresh flavor. Better than what you can buy at the store. So we have our wheel of cooled cornbread, and I just break this up the day or two before if you can. And just big chunks, put it on a sheet tray, uncovered. Let it dry out and get nice and stale. All right, so the celery and onions have been cooked and they're really soft and translucent and delicious, and we're gonna add a little bit of dried thyme and then that wonderful dried sage that we just made. And I'll stir it around there. So we have some cornbread that's gotten nice and stale on us. And we're gonna crumble this up. [SOUND] So we're gonna add these wonderfully flavorful vegetables into the dressing. [SOUND] And then I have some hot chicken broth here, ladle a bit of this over. You want this to be really, fairly soupy, actually. [MUSIC] So, we cook this for about 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven till it's nice and bubbly and crusty and golden all over. Nobody can resist this. [MUSIC]