Gelatin Salad with Chef Scott Peacock

Classic Gelatin Salad with Chef Scott Peacock

Gelatin salad, a great American classic, is made with gelatin, fresh grapefruit, and a simple surprise ingredient in this recipe by Scott Peacock. Get the chef's tips on segmenting citrus and creating company-worth fruit salads.

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I'm taking a fresh look at that true American classic, the gelatin salad. So, we're starting with a gelatin. We're not going to be using any processed gelatin. We're using unflavored gelatin. And we're gonna sprinkle this over a little bit of cool water, so it can soften up there a bit. Whoops. [MUSIC] Great, and then this is actually the base of our flavor is gonna be champagne or sparkling wine. Now, if you don't want to use something with alcohol in it, you could use white grape juice. We're gonna pair this up with grapefruit, which I love, and so the taste of the champagne against the almost astringent citrus is really delicious. I'm going to put this in a saucepan. [NOISE] And a little bit of sugar. A good pinch of salt. And then it has some zest here, and you want to use some orange and lemon zest. But make sure there's no pit. You don't want this bitter white pit. Which will make it taste not very good. So, we'll bring this up to a simmer, then let it steep for couple of minutes to really bring up the flavor of the citruses. So, we've got this peeled up. Now we're going to section, going in between the membranes. And just cutting out the segments. I'm using a paring knife, but you could even use a butter knife to do this. So, you can make one large gelatin salad or you can make individuals. I like the individuals, they look nice, they look a little less overwhelming. And we have these little individual molds. And you want to oil them really carefully with a non-flavored oil like peanut oil or corn oil. And we strain the melted gelatin into a bowl. And I'm straining it to get out the zest but also, just in case there might be any little bits of undissolved gelatin. So, we take a small amount of the strained gelatin and put it into the bottom of each mold. And this is so that we'll have a nice smooth top on the unmolded salads. And then I'm gonna put these in the refrigerator for ten or fifteen minutes, just until they set, these from the refrigerator, the gel's gonna sit on top. Now we'rearrange the fruit and finish the salads. Now, I'm arranging these segments but you could also just cut these up in pieces and load them in it, it's really up to you, how you want to do it. Two layers, just keep filling these up. I put two layers. And then I'll pour some gelatin over the top. And then I usually fill the bottom, just by taking some of the less pretty pieces, because there are always a few of those, and cutting those up into smaller bits, and just layering those on top. And then I just covered these with a little lightly oiled plastic wrap, put them back in the refrigerator for four hours or overnight, or even up to two days. And then we'll unmold them. [MUSIC] Our salads are chilled and completely set. Now it's time for the big unveiling. I'm just gonna dip this in hot water. For about 20 seconds to help soften the gelatin, loosen it up just a little bit. And then take a paring knife. And you wanna really carefully work in there on the side. And then loosen it just a little bit. And then lightly turn it out like that. And there you have that great American classic, the gelatin salad [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]