Solve the Most Annoying Kitchen Storage Problems

Learn how to tackle some of the most common kitchen storage problems with these smart tips and tricks.

Doesn't it drive you crazy when your kitchen drawers look like this, this, and especially this. We've got the low cost solutions to fix your cabinet storage problems. [MUSIC] You don't need to spend money on custom cabinets to get top notch storage in your kitchen. Jumbled pots and pans in a drawer can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, use spring loaded bamboo dividers to keep pot lids out of the way. Your meal prep can get pretty time consuming if your pans and chopping boards resemble this scene. The solution is simple. Just use a vertical divider to keep cookie sheets and cutting boards organized. Consider removing the cabinet door to quickly and easily reach what you need. Another common kitchen nightmare is when you can't locate anything in your utensil drawer. This scene can be easily cleaned up with an adjustable utensil organizer. This one makes the most of your drawer no matter the size. Now, you can see all your kitchen tools in a glance. Even the spatulas won't jam the drawer with this customizable divider. And storing your knives like this is just plain unsafe. Use flexible cork dividers. They keep knives from sliding around when you open and close the drawer. Plus, thick and thin blades rest neatly in this divider, protecting your fingers from the knives. By adding a few off the shelf products, you can fix the most common storage problems. [MUSIC]