How to Decorate an Open Floor Plan

Discover strategies for decorating an open floor plan and creating a cohesive look.

[MUSIC] Open floor plans are perfect for entertaining and spending time with family, which is why they're so popular, but they can be a real challenge to decorate. We've got the secrets to creating a space that's as coordinated as it is comfortable. First, arrange furniture to create walkways between rooms,this helps lead and direct traffic flow. Here, the sofa is used as a wall to separate the living area from the eating area. Also, the end of the sofa aligns with the breakfast nook table, creating easy access to the kitchen. Keep in mind that not every seat needs to face the TV, especially in an open floor plan. This excellent chair faces the majority of the room, making it an ideal spot to sit. Second, create a sense of unity throughout the space with a coordinated color scheme. Here, gray walls unify all of the areas, where pops of blue, green and yellow are seen in different fabrics and accessories. One of the easiest ways to define a room is to use a rug. This one helps outline the living room. It also pulls the furniture together so it doesn't appear to float in the large room. Finally, keep a clear line of sight between spaces. By placing the sink in the island, the cook can see what's happening in the living room and backless stools give island sitters the option to face either room easily. Remember decorating an open floor plan takes time. If you work in stages, you will end up with the final result that is both functional and fitting. [MUSIC]