for a Stylish TV Wall

Ideas for a Stylish TV Wall

Have a big tv in your living room? Keep it from being an eyesore with these ideas for decorating your tv wall.

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[MUSIC] With plenty of seating, the living room is the perfect spot for a television, but the look of a large screen in the room is far from ideal. We've got the tricks to make it meld with your decor. [MUSIC]. Before you tackle the television's wall decor, hang it three to four feet above the floor for the most comfortable viewing. Now that it's on its own, a TV can look like a black hole against the wall. Avoid this situation by hanging shelves around and below it, to help it blend in. Another way to keep it from standing out, is by hanging rectangular art on the same wall. Since the shapes are similar, they can help camouflage the TV. And while they say every room needs a bit of black, don't let your TV be the only thing in that color. Offset the screen with other dark pieces in the room, such as a dark wood console or black picture frames. With these few decorating tricks you'll be able to take the big screen TV from eye sore to eye catching. [MUSIC]