Why Open Shelving Makes for a Better Pantry

Use these seven ideas to create the most organized pantry with open shelving.

[MUSIC] Afraid of open shelving? We'll show you why your pantry is the perfect place to try it. Never lose another canned good at the back of the dark pantry. Open shelves let you easily find what you need and see what needs restocking. To complement the open shelving concept, corral similar items in baskets. Keep snacks in one basket and baking supplies in another. Not only does this help with organization, it looks nicer too. To store both food items efficiently, use glass jars. Not only are they eye pleasing, but they also serve as a visual cue for when you're running low. Food aside, the pantry is also the perfect spot to keep less frequently used items, such as slow cookers, mixers, and large platters. Another pro to having open shelves, is it makes unloading groceries a dream. You know longer need to comb through cabinets looking for free space. Now, it's quick and easy. Finally, consider floating shelves to maximize every inch so cans and boxes won't bump into bulky support brackets. Space shelves at least 14 inches apart to fit tall items like jars of pasta sauce or boxes of crackers. Keep extra head room on the top shelf for tall items such as big cereal boxes. Having open shelving in a kitchen pantry is a win-win. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it helps with organization, too. [MUSIC]