The Most Efficient Kitchen by Dividing it into 3 Zones

Get The Most Efficient Kitchen by Dividing it into 3 Zones

Make cooking easier with smart space planning in your kitchen.

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What's the secret to a successful kitchen layout? It's all about getting in the zone or, actually, the three zones. We'll show you how. [MUSIC] When you have the opportunity to design your own kitchen, the options can seem overwhelming. The best approach, is to divide your kitchen into three zones, prep, cook, and clean. Start with the prep zone. This is the space you need when preparing a meal. That includes washing, chopping and mixing. Keep this zone close to the sink, with plenty of counter space on both sides. For easy accessibility, keep the utensils, cutting boards and mixing bowls within an arms reach. If your looking for additional prep space, consider an island. Next, focus on the cook zone. As the name implies, this is where the hot stuff happens. To move quickly and easily between appliances, have the cook top, oven and microwave in one location. [MUSIC]. Add more efficiency to your kitchen, by having pots, pans, spatulas and spices close by. The final zone, is the clean zone which is made up of the kitchen sink and dishwasher. Like the cook zone, you want to keep these appliances close together to make clean up a breeze. When it comes to designing an efficient kitchen layout, focus on each zone, and the rest will fall into place. Cooking, and cleaning too, will never feel so good. [MUSIC]