Color to Your Kitchen

Add Color to Your Kitchen

Spice up a bland kitchen with color! Get tips from our expert stylists to create a beautiful, colorful kitchen.

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Is your kitchen bland and lacking color? Spice it up with these tips from our expert stylists. [MUSIC] All white kitchens are classic but without color, they can feel sterile and cold. White, gray and stainless steel make a perfect foundation for color. Start by looking at other rooms of your home for inspiration. Use colors that appear elsewhere to create a cohesive look, especially in open floor plans. Green from the adjacent breakfast nook is carried into the kitchen on the barn door, adding the first shot of color into the room. [MUSIC] Next, layer a second color. You want to use a color that appears with the first color in the adjoining spaces. Here, aqua blue dishware and accents are used on open shelves and counter tops. Now technically, the kitchen has color, but using only one or two colors can make the kitchen feel like a showroom. For a professionally styled look, add a third color. Here, it's pops of coral. Choose a new complementary color or use varying shades of the first color for the greatest variety. You want to weave the colors throughout the space and surfaces. This includes dishes, linens, countertop gadgets and decorative accessories. Now you've created a kitchen that isn't overly decorated but feels comfortable and livable.