Get the Ultimate Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook isn't just for the most important meal of the day. See how to create a multi-use space for your busy life.

This may look like every other breakfast nook you've seen, but looks can be deceiving. You'd be surprised by everything it can do. [MUSIC] Breakfast nooks by design are meant to be a place for sit down meals, but if you outfit the space correctly, it can serve you in so many other ways. Start by replacing your regular outlet with one that has a USB port. Now, charging phones, tablets or laptops is within reach and they'll be ready when you need them. Next, maximize the inside space of your banquet by using pullout drawers. This one has a drop in file system in it to keep bills and paperwork organized and easily accessible. If you have kids consider storing coloring books and art supplies in one drawer to keep them occupied while you cook or clean up. For the last drawer, consider a wireless printer you can easily print everything from permission slips to recipes without having to leave the room. Be sure to measure the drawer and choose a model with a top load paper tray, so it works best inside a drawer. By maximizing your breakfast nook to meet your needs, you now have a multi-functional space that can serve up meals and much more. [MUSIC]