2014 Makeover Madness

Sixteen bloggers competed in the Better Homes and Gardens Makeover Madness Tournament. The final four came to our headquarters to complete the championship round challenge. and one will be crowed the winner. Meet the contestants and see how their projects turned out.

[MUSIC] In this competition, you have to go beyond the basics to be the best. It began like any tournament. 16 bloggers were put to the ultimate DIY test, to show off their makeover skills. After two elimination rounds and countless votes later, the final four remain. In a race against the clock, these four contestants had only seven hours to remake a basic dresser. It seemed like it was gonna be a seamless process. Overlay of wood was short by like half of an inch. I was a little nervous that mine was gonna be a little more simple. I chose a very vivid color. I only have seven more hours and a whole dresser to get ready. I wanted to show people that you can do anything. I had to take the dresser apart to put it back together the way I wanted it. Only one will go on to win the title of Makeover Madness Champion. And be featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Who will be crowned the winner? It's up to you to decide. [MUSIC]