DIY Napkin Ring Organizer

Keep a set of napkin rings at the ready with this DIY organizer made from a paper towel tube.

Hi, I'm Eddie Ross. East coast editor for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Don't you hate looking for that six napkin ring when you are setting a table? Well, I'm gonna show you an easy way to organize all your napkin rings using an everyday paper towel tube. To get started, you'll need decorative paper, ribbon, glue dots. Spray adhesive, scissors, and a paper towel tube. To start, cut the paper towel tube. Roll the tube on the paper and mark with a pencil. Cut the paper at the marking. [MUSIC] Coat the back of the paper with the spray adhesive. [MUSIC]. Wrap the paper around the roll, folding it at the edges. Cut notches in the overhanging paper at the top and the bottom. Stick a glue dot on each notch and fold up. Then, stick a glue dot to the end of the ribbon and attach the end of the ribbon to the inside of the tube. Roll the tube tightly, and thread napkin rings onto it. Finally, tie the ribbons to keep napkin rings in their place. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]