Cake Decorating Two Ways: Pick Candy or Fruit!

Colorful candies and tart lemons take a basic cake from blah to brava. See each adorable cake decorating technique (cookbook author and stylist Libbie Summers shows off candy flowers and lemon butterflies) in action!

When I think of spring, I think of bright colors, flowers blooming, and birds chirping, and everything fresh and new. And in spring, of course we have a ton of celebrations, and what's more celebratory than a cake. Today, I'm gonna show you how to decorate a cake using some of my favorite things, wonderful colored candies and tart lemons. The first decorated cake I'm gonna show you is a Blooming Flowers Cake and it's made with Jordan almonds, jelly beans, I'm using everything that I love that's all colorful. The first thing I'm gonna do is a Jordan Almond Daisy. The key is to always start with the middle of the flower, then I'm just gonna take Jordan almonds with the pointy side down and then I'm going to just place them around at the middle of the flower. And I love the Jordan almonds because they stick up. Let's make a Jelly Bean Carnation. I'm gonna start with the center of the flower, and then I'm gonna take my first layer of jelly beans. There you go. This cake we're gonna make butterflies out of lemons, and it's the easiest thing in the world to do. Take one lemon. You're gonna use a channel knife and just make stripes down the side of your lemon. I'm gonna slice it into about quarter inch slices. And now we're gonna make the wings. I like to cut them in thirds because I feel like the wing has more movement if it's a little smaller, and put a little dough of a frosting. I'm just gonna puff it in, the frosting peeps up through the wings to give us the body of the butterfly. So, I'm taking a little bit of mint for its antenna. And there you have it, candy flowers and lemon butterflies, a fun spin on cake decorating.