Create a Floral Centerpiece with Real Grass!

A few stems of your favorite flower and a tray of wheatgrass combine for a gorgeous centerpiece that makes a bigger statement than a plain-Jane vase.

Here's how to make an easy, high-impact centerpiece using just a few stems of your favorite flower. Here's what you'll need: a waterproof tray or planter, a flat of wheat grass, a heavy duty knife, flower vials, about a dozen of your favorite flowers, and floral scissors or clippers. First, cut the wheat grass to fit the planter. Now, cut a flower stem to about 8 inches, and put it into a flower vial that has been filled with water. Poke the flower vial into the wheat grass. Repeat the process to add more flowers to the wheat grass. Use different heights and colors of flowers, laying the longer stems in the back of the centerpiece, and the shorter stems toward the front. There you have it, an easy, long-lasting, and inexpensive floral centerpiece.