Flea Market Style

Collected and charming, flea market style can take on a variety different personalities. See the many ways you can add flea market decor to your home with these decorating tricks.

The flea market style is about creating a look that speaks to your passions. Whether you love cottage or rustic, bohemian or romantic, modern or retro, there's a flea market style for you. Focus on soft colors and nature-inspired motifs for a vintage cottage look. Decorate with chipped paint furniture and repurposed items like a headboard built from cast-off closet doors. Use roughhewn weathered pieces to create a rustic flea market style, add in landscape prints and paintings and display your collection alongside comfy furniture. Bohemian décor focuses on eclectic pieces that mix and match. Combine your favorite finds like a rustic table and mid-century Eames chairs with lush colors and glittery accents. Dreamy and feminine romantic flea market style plays of vintage linens, sparkly chandeliers, and floral touches. For a cool mid-century look, combine vintage store finds with today's clean line furnishings, graphic patterns, and sculptural furnishings. Retro flea market style uses nostalgic elements to enliven a room. Playful typography and product signs straight from the past help create this retro feel. When you decorate with favorite flea market collections, it's easy to tell a story through the items you love and create one of a kind décor.