Eddie's Color Tips

Better Homes and Gardens' East Coast editor, Eddie Ross, gives his top tips for choosing and using color.

Color for me, I like in little bit in pieces but mix together with neutral walls. It's an easy way of changing things out throughout the year. My favorite colors are really the greens and blues with pops of orange and red. It's really like looking to nature. I love looking at feathers in birds and the way those unexpected colors work together. Well, the biggest way to add color to a room is paint on the walls. If you paint the entire room an amazing color, it's the fastest way of adding color. The smallest way could be a little throw pillow or could actually be just fresh flowers on a coffee table. Some of the hottest colors that I'm seeing out in the market right now is still that beautiful turquoise, that peacock blue, that corally red, that [unk] orangey color, and you know they all work really well together. And really, when you think about it, those colors have been around forever and they won't go out of style.