How to Paint Glass

Jazz up glass with this easy DIY back-painting technique. In just a few simple steps, you can customize a vase, glass lamp, and more!

Here's an easy technique for using craft paint to turn any clear glass vessel from a vase to a mat vase into a one of a kind accessory for your room. You will need a clear glass vessel, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, a paper plate, a paint brush, craft paints of your colors of choice, craft paper, painter's tape and spray framer. First clean the inside of the glass vessel with rubbing alcohol. Then mix the craft paint to get the color you want. Next, lay the brush with paint damming off any excess and paint irregular lines around the inside of the glass vessel. You want to be able to see the brush strokes so don't press too hard. After the paint is dry, wrap the outside of the vessel in craft paper, secure it around the top with painter's tape. Make sure the tape goes all the way to the edge of the vessel. Then put on rubber gloves and spray the inside of the glass vessel with primer. Spray in several light coats so that the primer doesn't run. After the primer is dry to detach, careful to remove the craft paper. You've made a beautiful accessory that will add personality to your room.