Living Room Color in Stages

Not ready for a full color makeover in your living room? Here's how to add color in stages and introduce pattern, fresh accessories, furniture, and more.

You're ready to redecorate your living room but don't know where to begin. No problem. We'll help you go from drab to fab in stages, adding plenty of color along the way. Keep the good and ditch the bad. Let the good be the foundation for what you add in other stages. Here, we kept the sofa, chair, and floral covering since they are both in great condition. Fill out your space with additional must-have pieces, like a coffee table or a chic bar cart. Then, find a starting point for your color scheme, such as a fun pattern. These botanical drapes are a great foundation for a vibrant color. Start small. Choose one color from your pattern and sprinkle it in. We introduced a shade of pink, which can be seen in the pillows, rug, throw, and other details. Branch out and pick another accent color. They work well in pairs, not alone. Here, we use citron since it tempers the sweet pink nicely. Also, as you work in your new colors, keep eliminating odd ball items that don't fit in. Trade in dinky lamps for ones of a more proportionate scale to better suit the room. Make your rooms a reflection of you. Incorporate finds from your travels, flee market hunts, even your family heirlooms. And a secret to making any room sing? Touches of nature. Try a fiddle-leaf fig tree in the corner or a bouquet of flowers on the coffee table when company is coming. Work your way through each stage, and you'll soon be living in a room full of character and color.