How to Carry Color Throughout Your Home

Rooms connected by color will create a cohesive, designer-level look. But you don't need to replicate the same color scheme in every room. These tricks for carrying a color scheme will show you how to create different looks from room to room, all unified by color.

A house dressed in colors that flow from room to room may look like the handiwork of a designer. But it's something you can carry out on your own. It just takes time, planning, and a few tricks of the trade. Working with an entire house may seem overwhelming, but not if you take it one space at a time. Introduce your color at the front door, so people know what to expect from the gecko. Then, to create cohesiveness between rooms, repeat colors in adjoining spaces. As you move from space to space, it's okay if one room has a little of one color, and another room boasts a lot of that color. Keep in mind that the color intensity doesn't have to be an even exchange. What's soft pink in one room can be interpreted as lipstick pink in another. For example, if you use purple as an accent in your living room, make it the wall color in your bedroom. Do the same, reinventing for patterns. Floral artwork from one room can become a botanical fabric in the next. Finally, keep one thing that won't change between rooms, such as trim or floral colors. It will tie everything together nicely. The best part about carrying a color scheme is that you can make quick and fun changes. A pillow from your sofa can become a pillow for your bed. When it comes to carrying a color scheme throughout your home, take your time and plan. It's not about instinct gratification. It's about a livable end result that makes you happy.