Pretty No-Sew Fabric Table Runner

No sewing skills required -- this pretty fabric table runner uses inexpensive fusible interfacing to hold together. Author and stylist Libbie Summers makes it in two steps: First create a pretty apron, then tie the aprons together to form a runner. The whole process takes just a few minutes!

I cannot wait to show you how to take this no-sew apron and turn it into a wonderful craft table runner for your next feast. Let's get started. What you will need is a piece of fabric. It could be anything you love. I have no love game. And it's going to be 28 inches long by 14 inches wide. Basically, it's enough to go around your waist with a little bit of extra depending on what size you are. Now, I love the vintage inspired apron that has that wonderful curve that my grandmother used to wear. So, what we're gonna do is just take that rectangular you've made and just do a simple curve around the edge and what makes this no sew is we're using pinking shears, so we don't have to worry about our frame. And this end right here is really our waistband to our apron and what we've done is just taking a piece of usable interfacing. So that means when we heated up, it's gonna stick on either side and it's gonna fuse that waistband together. We're turning it over making a waistband. That fusible interfacing is in the middle and when we iron it, it will lock like glue. This is my kind of sewing. I like to add a little pocket because every cook needs a pocket for the recipes or a love note or anything that they might wanna put in their pocket, and again, we just iron it on. Okay? So, now we have our apron with our little pocket and we're ready to apply a waistband and we're gonna take the middle of that grosgrain ribbon and we're gonna put it in the middle of our apron and here is the trick. You're like, okay, how do I get the waistband on with pretty buttons? Not only is it beautiful to look at, it's gonna hold the waistband in place on our apron. So, I had this one ready and now I can show you the final step in creating this DIY runner. I'm just gonna take two aprons and I have a few more over here and I'm just gonna tie them together in the middle. Think about this running down in the middle of your table. How fun and colorful is this.