The Ultimate Secret to Our Berry Crisp Spiral Ham

You'll never cook ham the same way again. This incredibly tasty six-ingredient recipe from cookbook author and stylist Libbie Summers features a surprising 2-second technique that crisps your ham perfectly.

Let's talk ham. Today I am going to show you the easiest best spiral ham recipe you will ever make. It's quick, it's speedy, and it's got one really special secret. The first ingredient for the sweet and spicy glaze, is gonna be orange juice. Right here I have raspberry jam. I used a seedless raspberry jam. Nobody wants to bite into their ham and get a seed. Next, I like to add honey. Local honey if you can. It adds just like a wonderful earthy sweetness. It's about a half a cup. Now, we need some heat. So, one jalapeno sliced up that we're just gonna let cook down with all of that sweetness, and it's gonna add just a low level of heat. This point, I like to give it a little salt and pepper. [MUSIC] And I always like to add just a few fresh raspberries. So we're gonna let that cook down. It's probably on a medium heat, it'll take about 15 minutes to get to a little bit of a syrupy consistency that you need. Allow for about four to six ounces of ham per person. With a spiral ham you're typically told to cook it bone side down. With my version, cook it with the spirals facing up and the bonus on top of the bonus is it makes this wonderful crust on the top that every slice gets. We're just going to spoon our glaze all over the outside of our ham. You may think it's just on the outside, but trust me, it's getting all through those layers. I don't want it to steam inside, I want it to get crispy, so I'm gonna let the foil be loose. We're going to go to the oven, 325, eight to ten minutes for pound. And then 15 minutes before we're ready to serve, I'm going to pop off this foil and increase my temperature to 425. And that's gonna make that crisp from that wonderful glaze that you put on perfect. And there you have it, the easiest show stopping ham. This is perfect. Every bite is delicious. [MUSIC]