Easter Basket Idea: Make a Gingham Garland

Make a festive and affordable Easter basket by creating a pretty gingham garland to wrap around the handle. This fun craft by author and stylist Libbie Summers is a cinch and would be a great Easter activity for your kids.

Need an idea for a festive and affordable Easter basket trim? I've got one for your right here. I take my favorite fabric, Gingham and just cut strips that are about an inch-and-a-half wide and about 6-inches long, and you're probably gonna need about 10 strips per inch of garland that you're making. Tear them into little pieces; all different colors like the most wild-- it's Easter after all; the more the color, the better. As many different colors that you, and I love how it frays on the edge, and all we're gonna do is tie in the most random order; Anything and any kind of perfect order would just not be right. Tie a knot around our jute string, push it up, and just keep tying. That's how we do it. The link that we made-- just mixing and matching all the colors in between. One tip I do have, is to always have one neutral color. In this case, I had a little piece of muslin and I always put a little piece of muslin, just here and again because it separates all the color. Once we have our garland done, all we're gonna do, is tie it off either end of the handle, we just wrap it around. This one seems to wrap around nicely and tie it off at the end. How cute is that? I love it. I want this basket. Forget the kit, I want this basket.