DIY Concrete Balls for Your Garden

Make these inexpensive and fun concrete ball accents for your garden using surprising tools -- either a glass globe for a light fixture or a glass Christmas ornament. Watch and learn how.

Concrete balls are an inexpensive and fun accent for your garden or patio. Plus, they're easy to make. Using either a glass globe for a light fixture or for a smaller ball, a glass Christmas ornament. Using your concrete for a matte look or mortar mix for a shiny finish. You'll need a small bucket lined with newspaper, a glass globe for a light fixture, cooking spray, a large flexible plastic bucket, rubber gloves, a five-pound bag of concrete or mortar mix, water, a stir stick, a large heavy-duty plastic bag, safety goggles, a hammer, and a soft cloth. First, spray the inside of the glass globe with cooking spray. Next, put on plastic gloves and mix the concrete or mortar mix with water until it's the consistency of a thick milkshake. Carefully pour the concrete or mortar into the glass globe and let it dry completely. For concrete, this should take about 48 hours. But for mortar, you should let it dry for a week. Place the filled, dried globe in a heavy-duty plastic bag and seal it. Don your safety goggles, then gently hammer to crack the glass. Remove the ball and carefully wipe away any glass shards.