Room Decorating in Stages

Living Room Decorating in Stages

Not ready to take the plunge into a full living room makeover? Decorate and add color in stages! Here's how to plan your design and make smart choices along the way for an end result that's gorgeous.

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Not ready to take a full plunge in the color? Do it over time and in stages. Start gathering inspiration and create a vision for the final look so that decisions you make along the way align with your end goal. Next, find a starting point. New artwork does the trick in this room. Match other items, such as an area rug, to the hues in your kick-off item. Add more decor. But start to bring in other colors, too. Here, an abstract landscape repeats the hues of the painting above the sofa, but also has a bottom stripe of rust that inspires the pillows introduced in this stage. Wait to pick a wall color until stage three. It may seem odd to add the wall color at the end, but you'll wanna make sure you pick a hue that goes with everything in your room. Here, chartreuse and rust walls warm up the space and tie the room's features together. Accessories and furniture come in limited shades, but paint color options are nearly endless and can be fine-tuned. Build upon what you added in stage two, but introducing more accessories and accent furniture. As you replace items, look for pieces that work with what you've already chosen and what you might like in the future. Maze yellow winged chairs and an updated silhouette soften the bold wall color. The color and shape are versatile and can be used in future color schemes. In the final stage, take a bold leap and incorporate one color not yet found in your space. Candy apple green is the accent color of choice in this room. Keep the accent shade consistent as you use it. The shade from the pillows is the same shade as the ottoman, and the shade has yellow undertones, which unites it with other yellow items in the space. Decorating doesn't have to be done overnight. Completing a color scheme gradually will help you gain confidence and create a look you'll love.