Appeal Tips: Ranch Home Ideas

Curb Appeal Tips: Ranch Home Ideas

A non-descript ranch home gets a complete overhaul thanks to creative changes that worked with the existing facade, while giving the home a personality all its own and a major boost in curb appeal.

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An uninspired ranch house was a blank canvas making it the perfect candidate for a makeover. Without a distinct housing style to follow, the home owners tapped their creativity and introduced mid-century modern charm to the home. A new peek in the front porch draw attention from the street. The small scale of the porch is proportionate to the home's façade, but still big enough for a cozy seating area. And the overall design follows the peek of the existing garage. So this new edition doesn't look out of place. Natural-seater decking and rails boast a clean look in-step with the mid-century modern design. And a new garage door with frosted glass canals and shingle sighting are just two of the details that make passersby take a second look. Lush landscaping brings year round color to the front yard. Plus, it's a decorative way to separate the house from the street. A curved walkway from the front steps creates a natural spot for a flower bed that's anchored with a pair of decorative evergreens. If you have a non-descript home, with no name style, don't be afraid to embrace something a little unique for the façade by working with what you have, selecting a signature style and sticking to it. You too can have a home with lots of curb appeal.