Patio Design Ideas

Enjoy your patio more with these tips for furniture, landscaping, and decor.

Turn you outdoor space into a retreat with these patio design tips. For cohesiveness, start with a matched patio furniture set. Then mix in fun accent pieces. Outdoor pillows, rugs, and cushions are made are made to withstand the elements, but looked just as good as their indoor counterparts. Add seating beyond just chairs, a chassis perfect for reclining, but can accommodate 2 people. A rug anchors a seating group the same way it does indoors and with so many durable outdoor rugs available they can look just as stylish too. For landscaping, include some large planters for impact. Too many small pots make a space feel cluttered. Use ladder's panels with vines to lessen street noise and provide privacy. For dining areas, use benches which can seat a crowd that can be tucked under the table when not in use. Place a tall console against one wall. They can serve as a potting bench or as a buffet too. Add outdoor lighting so your gathering can continue even after the sun goes down.