Small Kitchen Tips

What's the secret to a small kitchen design that sizzles? Watch and find out!

You may not realize it, but your small kitchen has great potential for extra space. These smart secrets will have you cooking up a storm in no time. Utilize dead corners in lower cabinets with storage pull-outs. With the pull-outs, items in the back corners of the cabinet are easy to access. It's perfect for everything from pantry storage to cookware. Also, moving the microwave off the counter can free up precious work space. So, think vertical. A shelf extension makes room for the microwave in an upper cabinet of this kitchen. If you're remodeling, make the space work for you. Here, the refrigerator was moved out of the main kitchen prep area, and put in a wide hallway with additional storage built around it. This provided more work space but kept the refrigerator still only a step away. In a small kitchen, it's all about utilizing every nook and cranny for extra space. Find those hidden gems, and your kitchen will feel surprisingly spacious.