Small Bedroom Tips

Don't lose sleep over cramped quarters. Learn how to make the most of a small bedroom with these decorating and design tips.

-If your bedroom is small, there's no need to sacrifice on comfort. Just keeping colors light, bright, and soothing is a step in the right direction. Here are some other tips to live large in a small bedroom. Choose furniture pieces that have hidden storage such as night stands with drawers. A large armoire with plenty of other drawers is perfect for stashing accessories. This one also has a slender cabinet on top for a television. Reflective surfaces such as mirrored closet drawers help film a room with more light especially when placed opposite a window. Plus, full-length mirror drawers illuminate the need for a free-standing mirror. Finally, accentuate the positive. Look for ways to give the illusion of height. In this bedroom, a corona placed at the ceiling does the trick and the fabric cascading from the piece creates elegant appeal. When working with a small bedroom, it's all about choosing multifunctional pieces with hidden storage and keeping it light and bright.