Stylemaker Secrets: Secondhand Finds

Thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales are all filled with budget-friendly finds. How do you spot the gems? Find out from stylist Evette Rios.

-I love shopping at my local Goodwill and thrift stores to find all of my furniture items. And, you know, it's a great place to find things that are of a terrific price. They're gonna be really high quality and you're gonna find some things that nobody else has in their house. So, the first thing you wanna think about is whether a piece can be transformed into exactly what you want. For instance, I found this really cool Asian-style piece. It had a really, really funky finish on it. So, I decided to repaint it in a coral color and I added some more traditional kind of Chinese hinges and I think the piece looks great and adds a real pop of color. The second thing you wanna think about is what the style is. Think about the style lines and pick something that you think will really, really fit in this piece you need it to. For instance, these two etageres that I found. I love that they were kind of modern. They had very square lines, but they had a beautiful mahogany box at the bottom that gave it more of an-- kind of a traditional feel to it, so they kinda cross the line between modern and traditional. And I just thought that they were beautiful. And they were two of them so score. And then the third thing you wanna think about is you wanna think about what is the construction of the piece. And I found this dresser. It's a super old piece probably made in 1800. Generally, if it's an older piece, everything will be kind of irregular and sort of funky. That's a good thing. And if you've got little scratches and dents in the furniture, that adds character and that is always a plus. I hope this helps you and I hope you keep these three things in mind when you go to your local thrift store and happy thrifting.