Stylemaker Secrets: Mixing Finishes

What's one secret to a fabulous room? The right mix of finishes. Stylist Evette Rios explains this a tried-and-true decorating trick and how you can master it for your own rooms.

-It's really important to mix finishes when you're creating a designer space. Rule #1 is the most a designer will buy in a set is a pair that creates a space that looks evolved like something you did over time instead of just went to one store and picked up everything. In that way you're kind of curating your space. You're sort of like a museum director picking exactly what you want for you home. Rule #2 is I try not to have all of my wood finishes be matchy-matchy. So, for instance here, I've got this 2 etageres, which is just a Fancy french word for shelving unit, but basically this finishes kind of dark. It's got that mahogany color, so I try to bounce it to the other side of the room with a shield back mirror so that when you're looking around the room your eyes are kind of bouncing from one similar finish to another. And rule #3 is when I'm doing upholstered furniture, I try to make sure that not everything is upholstered. I try to get some framed pieces. It's a way to just make you feel like the room is composed, but not matchy-matchy, which is very, very important.