Food Trends

2014 Food Trends

What food trends do the editors of Better Homes and Gardens predict will hit the mainstream in 2014? We narrow it to five must-know ingredients and cooking techniques.

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We're seeing a lot of trends for 2014 and one of the most important is the return of the vegetable. We're eating them like there's no tomorrow, whether it's a basic carrot, or one of the lesser known root vegetables, we can't get enough. What's more? We're growing them, we're canning them and we're basing entire meals on them. Meatless meal's another trend. We're eating vegetables for healthy purposes too. Another trend, smoky foods. We're using smoke salts, smoke chips on our grill and we're even smoking the ice for our cocktails. People are also loving the authentic foods. We want to put our best ingredients forward when we cook for our family and friends, so we're using the best butter, the best eggs, the best oils especially when it comes to baking. Americans are baking like crazy. They're making cookies, cakes, pies, breads from scratch, they can't get enough. The last picture we're watching is the love of whole grains and seeds. You name it, [unk], Black Rice, Red Rice, Chili seeds, hemp, it's on our radar and we're using it with lots of recipes. There are so many exciting trends to watch and we can't wait to see what the New Year brings.