5 Great Outdoor Halloween Ideas

Decorate your outdoors for Halloween with any (or all) of these creative ideas. From ravens on the porch to a surprising way to decorate your garage door to a 5-minute idea to enhance your gutters, this spooky Halloween decor inspiration is a must-try way to get ready for the holiday.

Set a spooky scene this Halloween with simple decorating ideas for the outdoors. Drive the eye of your visitors up by hanging coils in trees. These swings are made from plain dowel rods and chain links. Look for birds like these at your local craft store. Give trick-or-treaters a real scare by placing plastic skeletons in your bushes. If you place it at the eye level of kids, they have a more ghastly effect. Give a bench a frightful look by perching black birds on the top. Secure them to the bench with a base of large binder clips. Trace little hands and feet on the black vinyl and stick them to the front of your windows or garage. Turn on the lights inside that cast a golden glow in the evening. Place rubber rats along the gutters for an unexpected and frightful touch. Follow these simple outdoor tricks and you'll surely be in for a Halloween treat.