3 Small-Space Tricks

Stuck with a small space? Learn how to make the most of it with these can't-believe-it ideas.

I wanna share with all of you three of the space saving solutions that we came up with while we were renovating my parent's New York City apartment here after Hurricane Sandy. Tip number one is in a small space, you wanna pick pieces that are gonna do two jobs for you. This table right here was actually out in the yard rusting. It was my dad's from work. But it can go from coffee table to dining room table, and I'm gonna show you how. And there you have it. A coffee table that transforms into a dining room table. You may think that these cabinets are actually kitchen cabinets, but they conceal a stacked washer dryer. And then up at the top, we've got space for all of the laundry stuff that you may need. And actually, having a washer-dryer in the kitchen is a great idea especially if you got some counter space like this, because it makes a terrific place to hold your laundry. When you try to make use of every ounce of storage space, it's a great idea to start with the bed. So this may look like a normal bed to you, but it actually has a hydraulic bed frame underneath. You can use it with any headboard and it gives you that space under the bed back. Let me show you how. And there you go. It's perfect for extra bedding, luggage, out of season clothing. Stash it under there.