Pumpkin Carving: Tool Tutorial

These five pumpkin-carving tools are must-haves to make a pretty Halloween jack-o'-lantern. The tools are cheap and you may already have them -- see how to use the tools to carve beautiful pumpkin stencils.

Carve the best pumpkin on the block. All you need is a keyhole saw, a spoon, and clay modeling tools, a fine tooth saw, and an apple corer. Use the long blade of a keyhole saw to make your initial cut into the pumpkin. Take your time and make the hole large enough to put your arm through. Then scoop up the pulp and seeds with a large spoon. Using clay modeling tools, scrape the inner walls of the pumpkin until they are no more than one inch thick. These tools work like a potato peeler, but they are flexible and bend to fit the inside of the pumpkin. When carving intricate details, rely on a fine tooth saw for the most accurate cut. Hold this on your hand like a pencil. Then saw around as you desire using an in and out motion. Keep the saw perpendicular to the pumpkin while you're carving. For larger designs, start in the center and work outward. An apple corer works well for making holes in a pumpkin because it often has a gripper handle that makes it easier to push through the pumpkin skin. You can also use a drill fitted with variously sized drill bits. With just a few simple tools and technique, you too can master the art of pumpkin carving.