Secrets: Color Confidence

Stylemaker Secrets: Color Confidence

Designer and color consultant Khristian A. Howell shares the secrets to being confident with color in your home decor.

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Hi, I am Khristian Howell. I'm a designer and color consultant. And these are my tips on how to be confident with color. My first tip is to start small. Don't overwhelm yourself. Start with accessories. They're a great way to bring color in to your space. Maybe a bright throw, a nice pillow, or even a fantastic bouquet of flowers is a great way to get comfortable with color. Same thing goes for fashion. A great way to get comfortable with color in your space is to see yourself in color more frequently. Pick up a great scarf, or a new pair of shoes that are in a fun color and it'll be easier to see yourself living with color when you see it on yourself. Finally, and in my opinion most importantly, is to trust your gut. Color is powerful because it makes us feel something and that's what we wanna create in our space, a nice, wonderful feeling that's right through you. So just take a rest, trust your gut and if you don't love it, do it again.