4 Variegated Plants We Love

These variegated leaves brighten shady areas of the BHG Test Garden.

What's trending in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden? Plants with variegated foliage. Japanese forest grass is one of the few ornamental grasses that thrive without sun. The variety Aureola is a big attention-grabber in the BHG Test Garden. Its golden yellow leaves are striped with green, a real shadow brightener under trees. Variegated fragrant Solomon's Seal was the perennial of the year in 2013, and for good reason. This 3 to 4 foot tall cultivar of the native Solomon's Seal has elegant arching stems that sway in the gentle breeze. Leaves sport cream-colored edges and rose of bell-like blossoms dangle from stems like strings of pearls. The foliage turns golden in fall. Gold Splash wintercreeper is a bushy member of the popular Euonymus family that includes both shrubs and ground covers. Lovely in every season, its evergreen leaves are edged in gold and hold their bright coloration year-round. Reaching a height and width of just 18 to 24 inches, Gold Splash fills a versatile role for gardeners in partly sunny to sunny areas.